Sometimes after a match I want to watch the replays to see how I was killed in different situations and to maybe learn a new cheeky angle or just learn where enemies might be.
But at times I can not find a replay for the matches I participated in. Instead the latest match is a match I haven't even participated in.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play some matches/maps in a row.
  2. when you've played 2-3 [number might not be significant] (different or same) maps in a row. Leave game, after the map vote screen and when the winning map has been loaded in.
  3. open up replay in main menu.
  4. not find the 2-3 [number of matches you played in a row] latest matches that you participated in.

Possibly a repeatable bug (Have happened to me at least twice, but I'm uncertain what I did the first time)
Latest experience with this bug was on frontline maps.