Getting stuck at garage menu

encountering a reoccurring bug where the garage menu wont allow me to select any options, the menu is responsive but selection keys on game pad or key board dose nothing. Only way to continue playing is to go to main menu an reload game.

Got the same issue over and over again in Coop ... drives me and my buddy crazy.

Confirmed this bug is also present for PS4, after patch 1.04

Same on my end, I just started encountering this same issue, happened soon as I found the Tartian in Russia

Confirmed this bug is also presenton PC game Czech lang.

Same on xbox one x..

I got the problem only in coop but now i got in solo too.

Freaks me out cause restarting doesn't help...

I stop playing it, till it's fixed..!

This is also present on the xbox one after the latest update.

Confirmed Bug on Xbox One also! Neither my kid or I can exit garage once we recover to it. We can retain our trucks, but then we can not open truck storage or truck store. This just started today which is only a few days after the 1.04 update that supposedly fixed issues but in my opinion it seems it only broke it.😥😥

Solved with a mod

just pick some cash and buy any truck, now you can leave your garage