Private Lobbies

I believe that private lobbies, not local game where you can play up to at least 2 friends will be great. Where you can run objectives with no one else but friends. Please make this available in the future.

So, to be clear, you're not able to do this in co-op currently? I ask because my friends and I have been waiting for I:S to release on console ever since it was being developed for PC. Just not sure how these mechanics work exactly and NWI hasn't been forthcoming with many details on what we can expect on console this August.

For co-op, as with nearly every other co-op mode we play, we really have zero interest in playing with randoms. If I:S doesn't already include the option to only play with friends, it should be added IMO.

For some reason, I already thought it did.

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@Kean_1 you can run your own server(s) ...

I don't believe there is currently any way to play on public servers with only friends, unless you happen to have a group of friends that will fill the server.

Your only option for now would be to create a private server and only give your friends the password, I've no idea how that may work on consoles though.

Not to take away from the OPs post but I hope that is an option on console when it releases otherwise that will be a huge drawback for my friends and I.

Thanks for the responses.