No collision with loads after rollover (PC)

I flipped a truck and now the loads are all over the place. I brought another truck in with a crane to attempt to load them back after flipping back over but the loads go right through the flatbed or trailer onto the ground. I tried quitting and reloading game and trying again and it worked but once I switched to the other truck from the crane truck the loads fell to the ground. Very annoying bug which imo should be prioritized. I attached my Dxdiag file.DxDiag.txt

Having the same issue. Tested to multiple trailers and trucks. Also tested multiple methods like selling and re-purchasing trucks. Retaining and deploying trucks.

Can confirm.
Loads and Trucks cannot be placed on any form of trailer unless you are in the "current truck". When switching between the "loader" and the "towing truck", the inactive truck flashes white and collision with trailer or truck is turned completely off. Still able to winch and move the trailer/ but it completely phases through as if its not there. Cant upload images since it says the file is too large. Uploaded images to IMGUR

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I also have this bug but if you unhitch a the vehicle from the trailer then load it you can sometimes work around, but I agree its totally game breaking an needs attention