Game breaking bug on Smithville Dam [PC]

So me and my friend were playing together on co-op mode when we teleported to smithville dam. I had no issues but when he teleported in he had some weird crash that happened which forced us out of the game. Upon restarting he is now getting a weird white screen/watery screen (as if he is under the map) in any of his vehicles on that particular map. Here is a video we found online that shows exactly the same issue he is having.
Youtube Video

So far we have tried everything to fix it. Taking another vehicle to smithville dam makes that vehicle get sucked into the same white void that all the other vehicles he has there are. He cannot progress or do anything except exit the menu just like in the video. If he joins another co-op session it seems to work fine on that map but of course he cannot retrieve his trucks. If anyone is having the same issue and has found a fix please let me know ASAP.

I’ve just had this issue, any fix ? As all my trucks are now stuck 😭

Found a Fix.

  1. Stop tracking you current job

  2. swap to bugged vehicle(s)

  3. hit recover