Hey all, I've recently reinstalled BF:A for the first time in a few years, and I've found the UI is completely stuffed, and off the edge of my screen and can't figure out how to scale it back.

PC is a 6600K (OC @ 4.2), 16GB DDR4, EVGA 1080FTW, Dell U2711 monitor @ 2560x1440.

Anyone seen this before? Doesn't seem to be all that many forum posts or anything around. I've checked it's the correct res in-game and in the .ini files, all seems correct there. I've checked the subreddit and the Steam forums too.

alt text

I've since tried different resolutions, different window modes, customs and campaign, verifying files in Steam, still have the same problem.


I've since totally removed and reinstalled the game. I should also mention that it's on Windows 10 v1903 I think.

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