coop not working at all

I cannot play coop with my gf even though we are in the same room...I was wondering what ports should I forward ? I'm guessing it would help a lot but if anyone has the same issue please help I bought this for coop and I can't play even public doesn't show games !

First off we both have at least 1 car retained, I create the game, when I'm in the game I invite her she sees the invite, accept then the loading/refreshing for servers starts spinning, then it's just the background with birds floating around and then back to the main screen for her.

yes, I am having the same problem and have not found a fix either. But my brother(who is in the next room) and my friend can get into a game without a problem. I have retained my trucks, am on the same section of the map as they are and I have finished the first contract that unlocks coop.