Western Star 6900 disappeared on “No country for Old truck”

I was playing no country for old truck and after recovering to my garage to refuel and get another truck I went back to repair the western star and it is now gone. I was driving the fleet star when it happened. I have tried restarting the task multiple times and it won’t even let me restart it.71414AF1-49B2-4413-859B-6807C85F2CE2.jpeg

I have the same problem the truck is gone and not not letting me restart the mission or spawning the truck. Any update?

@Gumm1b3ar Load yout backed up save file from before the problem.

I have similar problem.
I have finished task No country for old truck, but in the store it says i need to find and unlock this truck.
Game is not detecting i have already finished the task, so i cant buy the truck now and i dont have it in garage.
Any help ?