Vehicles missing from map and garage (PC)


I have lost 2 trucks from my map and garage. They still show up as owned in the truck store, but are not anywhere on any of the maps i have opened.

I also have encountered this issue. When you have a vehicle in the garage and switch to another vehicle from the map, the vehicle in the garage dissapears with no way to get it back.

It's annoying that issues like this are happening with a premium priced game. I can handle bugs and crashes that are fixed with a reload, but when you lose an item that has taken time to build up to, and no way of recouping that cost, it really destroys the fun. Still in my 14 day period though, so I might get a refund.

The same thing happened to me today.

My vehicles are back....actually they were never lost.

I think this garage system needs an overhaul!!!

Anyone with missing vehicles, try looking in other slots within your garages. When you enter a garage, before going to customise or any of the 4 options, use "Q" & "E to look through the slots in your garage. Thats where mine were. I think there are 6 slots in total (they look like a bay withing a garage.

Thanks for the help from the devs

Same here. Spawn my Western Star 6900 on a mp-game and when i click to spawn and drive, i am not in the truck. I am in the garage but the trucks spawns with no collision. Cant enter the truck. So i go out of the game. Go single-player and the truck is gone. On the infoscreen from the Map, they told me, there is in the world but i cant find them. Not in the list who the trucks and trailer are. Its really gone. But the Store in the game says: u have one. 😣 130000 Dollar so hard to farm.

I’ve had the same issue. Rebooted, checked Maps, checked all slots in all garages and it the literally just magically appeared. Glad it’s not just me.!

I'm Having the same issue but I'm only down one truck so far.

@Malcy1 You legend! I just had this same issue and your comment relieved some serious frustration at thinking I'd lost hours of gameplay on an upgraded truck.

Bonjour se jeu est excellent mais voila hier je fait une récupération aux garage de mon véhicule et la il disparaßt il n'est plus dans mon garage et plus sur la carte .un véhicule a 120000 crédit c un peu contraignant. Donc s'ils vous plaßt corrigé les bugs et rendez les véhicules perdu merci cordialement

3 Mai, changĂ© de map "smithville Ă  island lake" en coop. Mon camion est apparu en en fantĂŽme ... Possible de le tanker ou treuiller pour mon ami mais pour ma part je ne le voyais mĂȘme pas. J'ai quittĂ© et quand j'ai rĂ©apparu au garage et bien le camion n'y Ă©tait pas et non plus dans mon stockage ou n'importe qu'elle map... Camion disparut comme les autres si haut.

Aussi en coop plusieur bug de sol qui dĂ©fonce ou de remorque invisible pour l'autre jouer et quand il la touche il se fsit catspulter au bout de la map lol... 😂

Tout de mĂȘme j'adore le jeu mais une bonne patch ferait du bien..

Xbox one

Same thing with me. Suddenly Chevy Kodiac C 70 disapperred from my garage. What to do. Is there any support to fix this. I see no link to game developers support. The support should be all the time available in a game this expensive.

No point to play a game where trucks disappear. And exspecially no one should recommend this game to anybody till this game works properly. As it is now this game it is more or less a cheat.

Hallo zusammen! Ich habe folgendes Problem! Ich reise durch Michigan habe alle AussichtstĂŒrme freigeschaltet und mir auch einen international gekauft mein Problem ist reise ich zur Talsperre oder zu Black river sind die trucks doppelt und ich kann sie immer wieder verkaufen habe keine Auftrag abgeschlossen und bin schon MillionĂ€r sehr frustriert

I just loaded my save. I had several trucks parked near my garage to look cool. They ALL disappeared. I have checked every garage and my Truck Storage. They are GONE. Ridiculous. Please tell me there is some way to get my trucks back. How did this not come up in your testing?

@tractorPunk Exactly! I have put hours and hour into this game. I was PROUD of my collection. I am going to quit playing the game and tell all of my friends not to purchase until this is fixed.

Hello, I loaded my game today everything was fine, then I see that it required an update so I parked my truck closed the game, closed the app and let it update. I then reopened the app and started the game and the International Payloader and a crane which I just bought and spent $90,000 on is gone. The thing is when the game started it put me in a screen in the map somewhere next to the water but with no vehicle. Anyone successfully retrieve a truck this way? I have searched all garages and all slots. Not there. Ty

Playing on Island Lake, I had a CRASH on the game, and after start again, 2 Mod Trucks has gone!!!
They disappeared, not on garage slots, not on any of the maps, disappeared, but they still appear on my Truck Store, as I have 1 of each of these trucks... Only cannot find them.

It is a glitch, I would like to have at least the money invested on these trucks, back... !

already lost my 2 modded trucks worth 100k+ each. Also appear in store as I have 3 same truck but cannot use them ...

Sorry to hear that friends. I as well losy my Cat 745c, tuz 420 and today i lost my ford 750. Im regretting paying for season pass now. Seems like game developers screw us over more and more. I hope it changes with ps5. Cheers all
Skip to 4:40-:450 I lost my stuff, watch on stream as I try to get it back its gone. 😞