1. There are not many people who play hard core games. As a result, there are no people playing in many modes. I can't find people in some modes I want to play in the Asian service. There are no people playing in the competition. Should I improve the matching method? It's good to change PVP and PVE into fixed rooms. Players can also see how many people are playing in them
  2. Although game optimization is much better, it's really a big problem. My friend 1050 i7 can only run more than 40 frames, but it's still all low. My 1060 i5 9400 high special effects only fluctuate 60-70. After all, unreal 4, garbage optimization, also understand
  3. Whether the game mode can be considered to be new? At present, it's all old ways of playing. It really needs innovation. The mode of insurgency map and big escape is also good
  4. To be honest, the map can be modified without adding new maps all the time. The old map is slightly adjusted to add a little interaction of damage to fixed buildings, C4 bombs demolish walls, some buildings collapse and kill enemies, which can increase more tactical changeability and play experience