Audio Issues (Xbox One)

The audio just suddenly cuts out. No sound at all. Can’t hear NPCs or footsteps or even the background music or sound effects. Just goes from working to completely silent. I don’t want to have to keep plugging and unplugging my headset just to hear the game for maybe 2 minutes and then have to do it again and again. I have an Xbox One not an Xbox One X but I still tried the fix that was suggested for that system and it still hasn’t worked. Was really excited to play this game and this is really upsetting and frustrating.

I am also having this issue, please provide any solution on this!

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i am still facing this issue unable to find any solution someone please help

It looks like your audio file has been corrupted. Try searching on spotify to add the necessary audio files for your device. Tonosdellamadamp3 It is a place that provides attractive ringtones for mobile phones that you can find on search engines.

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Your article is very good and useful for everyone thank you very much