Modèle LVOA weapon

in the choice of new weapons that will be released in the next update.
Do you think this weapon would be nice to play. Especially for medium and long range engagements.
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That's a cool looking rifle, but in regards to how it would feel in game, I don't see how it would feel that different to the existing M4a1 since it would just be another 5.56 AR-15-style carbine. Right now almost every gun in the game feels distinct. I get the feeling the devs want to introduce new weapons that feel distinct from the existing ones. Personally, I'd like to see another bullpup like the Steyr AUG, one of the most widely adopted bullpups in the world added for the non-advisor rifle-using classes. In game it could perform similarly to the L85: ROF around 700rpm, but with penetration stats higher than the carbines since bullpups have longer barrels while maintaining a short overall length.

Also right now we only have 2 pump action shotguns. I'd like to see them add a semi-auto shotgun like the classic Benelli M4 / M1014 for security and maybe the SPAS-12 for insurgents.

Insurgents are also lacking in pistol variety. I'd like to see the Desert Eagle as an insurgent exclusive. For security, the FN Five-Seven and Mk-23 SOCOM would be good distinct additions.

SMGs could also use more variety. We could have the UMP and Kriss Vector as .45 calibre additions, and of course the infamous P90.

I know we already have two 50 cal snipers, but I'd like to see the GM6 Lynx. It's a relatively obscure weapon that's not in many games. Since it's a bullpup, in game it could be shorter in length and less cumbersome to use when not in prone as the existing two 50 cal snipers.

@roner AUG is an interesting one, especially with the different versions. Like it would be cool to give the insurgents the a2 rail version (with some flipup sights as standard) and the a1 with 1.5x scope if you spent an extra point. The security would be getting the A3 cqc variant ofcourse.

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@roner Totally agree. We don't need another AR-15 variant what would have identical performance to weapons already in the game.

Your suggested list of new weapons is pretty good. I'd only say that the Vector is not really realistic, as it is in extremely limited use around the world. It's mostly a civilian gun.

Semi-auto shotguns have been debated at length around here since the CTA. The devs don't want to add them for balance purposes, but a lot of others (myself included) would love to see them. The SPAS-12, a well-regarded but discontinued Italian shotgun is probably unlikely to find its way into Insurgent hands.

@MAA_Bunny I know the devs have mentioned adding weapon skins in the future, so requested AR-15 style carbines (i.e. HK416, Sig MCX, etc.) could just be added as skins for the M4a1. Likewise we could also have AK-12 and AK-15 skins for the AK-74 and AKM respectively. Personally, I'd love an FN F-2000 skin for the VHS-2.

I know the Vector wouldn't realistically find its way onto the modern battlefield, but I just mentioned it since it was fun to use in the first Insurgency as a modded weapon.

If we're only talking about more realistic additions, some others to consider would be the CZ Bren 2 and Sig 553 for rifle users, M27 IAR and RPK-16 for support, HK 417 or G28 for marksman, and X-95 Tavor and Sig MPX or CZ Scorpion EVO 3 for breacher.

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