Re: Unable to join friends

This is still an issue. I understand Insurgency uses Steamworks for matchmaking and servers, etc, but the "Join game" functionality does not work.

Whenever me or my friends attempt to join another who's already in the game the games does nothing after launching. There's no ability to join friends online from within the game even when the server they are playing on does have available slots.

As for creating a squad/party, this only works if the leader chooses to play a game via public matchmaking. Whenever we attempt to join a community server that has enough spaces for all of us, only the leader gets through, while the rest of players receive a can't join game, party not joinable error.

This has been the case sine v1.4 and I remember reporting it last year, but after over 6 months of not playing, this is still an issue.

There are several other smaller issues related to matchmaking or joining community servers, which are related, but these are the most annoying.

Is there any chance someone from the studio could clarify whether these will be worked on? If not, then there's no point for me and my friends to play, since in its current state it's a struggle to play together in the little spare time we have.

RFE: Mods, could you please move this thread to the technical forum? I made a mistake by posting it here from "Submit feedback" in-game link.

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