Hello all,

Issue # 1: After updating the game two days ago, my wireless Xbox One controller has a binding to the "Y" button which used to just open doors but now it switches weapons and opens doors at the same time inexplicably. When looking in the binds and controller settings in the menus, nothing is bound to "Y" at all.

In-Game Troubleshooting: Binding keys/actions to "Y" button which caused every single action, including opening doors and changing weapons to all be permanently bound to the "Y" button.

Other Troubleshooting: Updating Steam, repairing Steam, validating game files via Steam, uninstalling/reinstalling game

Issue # 2: During Checkpoint games, the enemy AI will randomly all die at once and will not re-spawn. Occasionally, one enemy AI will re-spawn but will then just run into walls and completely ignore that I exist. This has happened sporadically throughout the last two days when playing. I have a screenshot of what it looks like on-screen when all of the AI dies.


Any updates or ideas on how I can resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,