Team & Radio: division into Squads/Fire-teams

Hi everyone,

Currently, I'm the game is much more like CSGO with people running randomly around, and not similar enough to Squad, where things are more planned.

  • I really believe that the game needs is a division of communications and teams into fire-teams.
    This alone would take the teamwork & comms miles forward.

When buying the game, I really believed that this was super basic for a game that declared realism and tactics. I was really surprised that the whole feature is missing altogether.
Right now everybody are just randomly running and gunning. Nothing tactical about it.

How is this not a part of the game yet?
How do we suggest this to the devs?

Well if you asked these question to me then i would love to share with you the Avakin Life game mod that i have been playing for last 3 years and still i love to play.

Let me know that do you like these one or any other ?

Cheer's and well playerd.

Great post. Also, I playing this game since 2019. Thanks so much for this post.

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