Took my credits but no item was given

I had 600 credits, it says the M81 Woodland mask costs 1000 to purchase, but it was available for 400 credits. I clicked the button to get the facewear and it took 400 credits out of my 600 credits, but did not give me any facewear. I only have 200 credits left now. I know it is not much but those 400 credits that are now gone took hours to get and it is kind of messed up that it is an issue that I am allowed to purchase something if I do not have the necessary amount of credits. Do not make it possible to buy a cosmetic if someone does not have the correct amount of credits. I need my credits back, at the very least.

Hey Trevor,

Could you please submit a ticket regarding this issue to so Baddspella can look into this for you? Give all the details you stated above please. Sorry you ran into this issue.