Please include Redemptionists and Ratskins.

I played Necromunda years ago and I wasn't interested in any of the vanilla gangs.
It felt like playing Mortal Kombat with the same ninja but choosing a different colour.

When the Outlanders appeared with Redemptionists and Ratskin Renegades I started playing.
So long story short I'll buy this game when it is released if either or both Redemptionists and Ratskins are included.

Here's hoping they're not DLC!


Cawdor seems likely, given they are a major House, that's really as close as you can hope for at launch, maybe some options to make them more of a Crusade force but we'll see.

The devs previously stated that they're working with the modern Necromunda iteration, so hoping for Outlander forces from the previous edition is almost certainly just wishful thinking. Seeing as this game was originally set for a 2019 release I can almost guarantee that anything beyond the vanilla gangs are a pipe dream for launch. Ratskins aren't even in the new edition as of now, so it's doubtful that they'll ever be included.

DLC additions are the best you can hope for with those suggestions, it's not even confirmed if all 6 House Gangs are included as of yet.

Hi Nutsaur, I'm lop35.

I still play the old "Necromunda", and the truth is that the "Redemptionists", the "Delaque" and the "Rat Skins", are the bands that I like the most. I have seen information that the game will come out with two bands, but later, more bands will come out. It would be a lot of fun to be able to play with the "Rat Skins", but I don't know if they would get them into the game.

I take this opportunity to say something else, it is a pity for me that the old "Necromunda" is no longer played, I play with my relatives, but I would like to do it with other people and fans. I would like to go back to the years when you could get together in a "Games Workshop" store and play the old "Necromunda", even if you almost never finished the games.

And another thing, I am Catalan (Spain), and I speak Catalan and Spanish, so it is possible that you may find fault with the translator.
Thank you

Would be more than viable that Gangs would be DLC