Greedfall II

Re: Plans for a sequel?
I need a sequel to this game and will pay good money for it! Greedfall captured my attention for probably a solid 18 hours over the past weekend and I am completely in love. Please, please, please, start talking about a follow-up game soon!

I agree. This game desperately needs a DLC or sequel of some kind. This isn't necessarily a good thing, but it is what it is. The ending does not provide us with near enough closure. So many questions left unanswered. Why didn't Vinbarr just kill Constantin, if he knew he was a threat? Why doesn't the island god cure the malichor even if you kill Constantin as he'd promised to do? If De Sardet was born bound to the island, then why doesn't he have branches growing out of his head and power to control the branches and stuff like the others do? Why does De Sardet assume his father was an islander too, without even investigating this supposition at all?

I agree. Greedfall demands a sequel. The roleplay and story are unique. It would be a complete waste not to expand further!

You already have the characters and the game world - which both are very strong - and now you just need to let them bash into further adventures.

I would even pre-order it if you decided to do it.

I'm dying for y'all to either extend the game, doc or make a number 2!!! Please!