Micro transactions is good for this studio.

🐓 I think it's a good thing, this update will bring new life to Insurgency Sandstorm. 🛰

--The issue of paid cosmetics is only a point of view. You are clearly free to buy them or not. And on top of that if you don't take them you still have access to free updates.

So, I think shopping for skins / cosmetics is a good thing for a small development team that needs SUPPORT. See it as support for future updates. Especially if you buy a single cosmetic at 3 €. (You have to pay a dlc at 3 €) imagine if everyone takes only 1 skin. Well it makes a substantial income for the studio.

--On the other hand, a relationship of trust must clearly be established with the community AND the developers of the game. BECAUSE if we buy 1 and nothing is in the development of the game, well you can go do it yourself....👺

--But I think that the studio is close enough to its community to set it up and that we give them our confidence, see the streams made with the players and developers or the responses made on steam or twitter directly to respond to the complaints of the players.

🐖 Not like some HUGE studio, whose names I would not royally make fun of the world (battlefield for example at the moment) 🌱

🐈 In short, I think there is a real fear of many players that have do not care about our face with in-game purchases.
🐅 And this because of the larger studio who have benefited.

.Do you think you should put everyone in the same basket ?

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It makes me think a little about the politicians who took advantage of it to put their pockets in it ...
And today as soon as a person with good ideas arrives at the front of the scene it is directly cataloged is for the people have sold their souls to the devil ... Well, their behavior is as rotten as those of the politicians who took advantage of it.

.The basic things between social groups simply come to that of the trust that each person has.
And this is precisely where all the complexities reign.

I have no problem with MTXs in general regardless of the size of the studio. That has nothing to do with and why should it? It's all in how they are implemented IMO.

The GaaS model is the way of the future for online games and MTXs are a big part of that.
It's simply being realistic considering the ongoing resources that need to be dedicated to producing new content and support for an extended period of time. .......and yes, to make sure the game continues to be a viable investment to help support and grow the business.

With NWI, this move is also critical in terms of their growth and expansion into new ventures as they look beyond Sandstorm. They simply can't keep doing what they have been and hope to support that kind of development.

Some find this greedy for some reason. I don't find anything greedy in wanting to expand your company, hire new employees, support existing projects and fund new ones. .....but again, it's all in how the MTXs are structured. In NWIs case, they will be purely cosmetic so I really don't see the problem. This has also worked well for other companies including AAA developers.

Folks that don't like it always have the choice not to support games from developers who use them. Some companies have suffered for the choices they made with their particular choices in MTX models and others have thrived because they work.

Hello Kean_1,
I totally agree with you and your previous posts on other similar topics.
I try with these messages to encourage the developers of the studio.
And break the prejudices that other people (as we could see on the forum) have on micro transactions.

Thank you to feed, argue in this favors. 🙂