Fuck microtransactions

Seriously NWI. I'm sure this is a top down push from your publisher but as a veteran player of INS 2014 and with over 300 enjoyable hours in sandstorm, I am seriously disappointed to see microtransactions enter the game. They may be only cosmetic (at first), but even then cosmetics can have significant gameplay implications. Even beyond that fuck microtransactions as a matter of principle. I've always happily pointed to NWI as a great example of an indie dev that got successful through good business practices and listening to their community, but this is fucking deplorable.


Same logic as in the thread "Deathcam poll, day 3" applies here.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is an example of a game with harmless micro transactions that still attracts the most hardcore gamers.

Quote from Derek (dev):

Discussion about monetization + new skins
Over the past 10 years we’ve realized that our strategy of free updating and extended game support has been a pretty big differentiator for NWI. When we looked more closely at this approach, we realized it has compromised our company’s ability to stay independent as we consider bigger projects with larger budgets. Therefore, we have decided to make a minor pivot in our philosophy and introduce some cosmetic-only microtransactions into Sandstorm that will be oriented to improving customization. For those of you that want a more personalized experience and a unique look in Sandstorm, our in-game purchases will offer you the option to build your characters in special ways you couldn't otherwise do with regular cosmetics. You’ll be able to customize your appearance in a way that will be more distinct and more enjoyable, and also (in time) be able to apply custom-made weapon skin. Why are we doing this? The bottom line is we want to be able to achieve two outcomes. The first is extending the life of our game and being able to financially manage ongoing support of the game for all of you. The second reason being that it is critical for us to explore how to best incorporate recurrent revenue as a means of removing stress from the development team, as well as to ensure we can create the types of content we currently aren’t able to provide with our team size.

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I have zero issues with MTXs in games that are like this. What they are pitching is nothing close to P2W and quite honestly, I doubt they would ever entertain that idea nor would they have to.

Cosmetics are a big attraction for a lot of people in games. Personally, I don't care about them as long as a developer still throws in enough content for everyone else which I'm sure NWI will continue to do.

The thing is, NWI is a growing company and they can't continue to support games the way the community wants them to without additional revenue to help support that while still trying to be successful.

NWI said MTXs will only be cosmetic and I have no reason to believe they will make it otherwise. As mentioned, there are other examples out there of GaaS models that do the same thing and have been doing so for a long time (including AAA companies) so this idea that they would revert to P2W is unfounded IMO / IME.

Personally, I see this as good news for several reasons. For one, it could mean better, faster and longer support as well as improvements for their game(s) as they continue to hire more employees and expand. Also, more games similar to Insurgency being developed by NWI especially on console which really has nothing like this right now. Milsim and milsim-like titles are essentially nonexistent and the potential is untapped while there are a lot us who really would welcome these kinds of games. Expansion of companies like NWI is good thing IMO.

MTXs in themselves aren't evil nor greedy and it really depends on how they are implemented. It's also a necessity for a successful GaaS model. This idea that a company can continue to run and expand by providing free content and improvements for years after a games release is naive.

NWI will continue to release free content for all players. In my view, let them sell those special cosmetics to people that want them because all the additiinal support funded by it and new content like maps, modes, new guns, etc. are a benefit we can all realize. Also, the longer they make money, the longer they can keep the game going for everyone.

NWI wanting to be successful while making good games they can continue to support is not being greedy. NWI is their livelihood. They want to make the company better, stronger and successful and why shouldn't they? As long as they continue to develop these kinds of games, I'll buy them.

I think it's a good thing, this update will bring new life to Insurgency Sandstorm.

--The issue of paid cosmetics is only a point of view. You are clearly free to buy them or not. And on top of that if you don't take them you still have access to free updates.

So, I think shopping for skins / cosmetics is a good thing for a small development team that needs SUPPORT. See it as support for future updates. Especially if you buy a single cosmetic at 3 €. (You have to pay a dlc at 3 €) imagine if everyone takes only 1 skin. Well it makes a substantial income for the studio.

--On the other hand, a relationship of trust must clearly be established with the community AND the developers of the game. BECAUSE if we buy 1 and nothing is in the development of the game, well you can go do it yourself...

--But I think that the studio is close enough to its community to set it up and that we give them our confidence, see the streams made with the players and developers or the responses made on steam or twitter directly to respond to the complaints of the players.

Not like some HUGE studio, whose names I would not royally make fun of the world (battlefield for example at the moment)

In short, I think there is a real fear of many players that have do not care about our face with in-game purchases.
And this because of the larger studio who have benefited.

.Do you think you should put everyone in the same basket ?

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