Hi everyone,

In the event that you encounter any technical issues in any of our games, don’t panic! A solution might already exist. We advise you to follow the steps below:

  1. Please check if your issue has already been resolved in a previous post here on the Focus – Technical Support forum. If so, you should be able to quickly find it using the search bar at the top with any relevant key words.

  2. Next, check the Technical Support channel for the specific game you are playing. The list of games is here: https://forums.focus-home.com/

  3. If you are on PC and the game is available on Steam, our Steam technical FAQ may also have the answers to your question. To find it:
    a. Go to https://steamcommunity.com/
    b. Search for your game’s community hub
    c. Select the Discussions tab
    d. Select the Technical Support forum on the right.
    e. The Technical FAQ will be one of the pinned threads.

  4. If your issue isn’t resolved by following these steps, please email us at support@focus-home.com, giving us as many details as possible, including your platform, when the issue occurred, your DxDiag file, etc. Screenshots and videos are also always extremely helpful. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,
The Focus Home Interactive Team

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