I will be brief, here is a list of bugs (B) i had, questions (Q) and my suggestions (S) for improving the game.

  1. (B) When a character falls from a great height, but survives, he's stucked, it seems to bounce in place for a couple of seconds and can't move.

  2. (B) Sometimes players are shown as dead in the score table, but they are still alive.

  3. (Q) What means that crossed out eyes icons in scores table? Why i can't always see my exact score and K/D/A? Maybe u can add a setting to always show them? Or it's a client-server limitation and this info needs to be refreshed and in this time showing this eyes icons?

  4. (S) Filters. Please make them stored in memory, is it so difficult?
    Every time I search for a custom server, they are reset. I'm tired of setting them up again every time.
    If you are afraid that this will affect usability and the user will not see some of the potential servers, just make a noticeable warning somewhere on screen, that filters are enabled.

  5. (B) Filters again. For some reason, filter ignore my setup "minimum players" and show me an empty servers, but i've set it on "1". It applies only after refreshing again.

  6. (Q) Guess what? That's right, filters...
    Can someone explain to me what state of settings in checkboxes this cross means?
    Maybe I'm stupid, but the checked checkbox makes it clear that the setting is active, an empty one makes it clear that it is not active, and what does the cross mean?
    This is not clear from the point of view of usability.

  7. (B) Very rarely when I connect to server i see a black screen. There's no cure for it (i'm trying to type "disconnect" in console). Only killing game process in task manager helps.

  8. (B) My screen have 4K resolution, but i'm playing in 2K. Loading screen interface (loading %, name of the map etc) change it resolution when loading completed. Can it be always same size?
    photo_2020-04-06_15-51-58.jpg photo_2020-04-06_15-51-55.jpg

  9. (B) Sometimes when I start the game, the skin of my character is reset, I need to go to the customization menu and select some saved preset, then it returns.

  10. (B) The screen with modifications looks weird.
    The names don't fit in the boxes, the font is too bold.
    Interface elements are not grid aligned

  11. (S) And in General, guys, the interface of the game (in my opinion) requires rethinking. Ui Design is important.
    Here are just a few examples where there are problems, but there are much more screens.

  12. (B) My steam avatar sometimes not appear and filled white.

  13. (B) Why it's so hard to show correct players levels? It always set to 0 while new player connected.

  14. (B) Sometimes when I connect to the server, I can't perform any action (select a side, class, etc.) until some time has passed.

  15. (B) Sometimes interface looks like this:

  16. (B) Bug with SVD 7x Hunting scope:

  17. (Q) Very often when I just join the server and can only spectate til players capture ojective, I see how the players are missing some parts of the weapon (sights, handguards, etc.), they are loaded only over time. I know that loading textures is a feature of the UE engine, but there are whole parts here. Is there any way to make them load simultaneously, or while loading the map?

  18. (S) Please add the option to add servers to the blacklist

Game version:
Win 10 v 1909, build 18363.720
MB: Asus TUF Z390-Plus Gaming
CPU: Intel i7 8700K
GPU: nVidia 2080 RTX
RAM: 32 Gb (3466 MHz)
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo 512 Gb
HDD: WD Blue Desktop 2 Tb
Display: LG 4K

Hope for feedback, thank you!
(sorry if my English isn't perfect)

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