NWI screw you. I am not using a controller.

The games UI is entirely displayed in an xbox controller configuration today.
Why? I don't own a controller and certainly wouldn't waste my time using one on a game like Sandstorm.

Just the latest in a long line of choices that NWI have made which show a total disregard for the community that they have cultivated.

Lower texture resolution for the benefit of consoles, removal of integral features like vehicles, addition of killcams, etc.

Now I realise why so many of my friends made on Insurgency have experienced buyers remorse over Sandstorm and have decided to only play the original.

Tell me NWI - How well did this sort of behaviour work for DICE studios?

It's a UI bug. Why would you assume that this has any sort of intentionality behind it? I think you are reading into this when you imply that NWI is doing... yeah, what exactly are you accusing them of? The only semi recent DICE controversy I remember, is the one where they included genderswapped versions of real life acts of heroism, that saved lives in the war, in their story campaign, along with incredibly preachy and onedimensional portrayals of ethnic conflics within the french military during the second world war, that had little to no basis in reality, all the while they were taking the moral highground, going as far as to talk down to people on twitter and reddit. But what does that have to do with Xbox button prompts showing up in your game?

Delete your ini files in '%localappdata% -> Insurgency -> Saved -> Config -> WindowsClient and then just restart the game.

Good luck, hope that fixes it.

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