Micro-Stutter -- Low RAM Usage?


Thanks for reading! Awhile ago I bought this and just cranked all settings to low assuming that was necessary and accepted performance issues as my own. Realized I actually have a powerful enough system to run this well and found I can get high framerates farily easily. BUT -- having consistent micro stutters (to a non-gamer watching, almost imperceptible but unplayable as is) despite CPU/GPU usage at around 40-60% max, temps no higher than 70-74c. Frames are running 90-120, not showing drops on these stutters from ingame counter as far as I can tell. Seems to be hard to re-recreate specifically as it occurs in a lot of different scenarios, but I'm mostly playing Push if that makes a difference.

Going to include specs below and attempted fixes thus far from forums. I seem on my PC for this game specifically to be unable to hit high RAM usage -- Warzone I can get 10 GB Ram in use, this will go absolutely no higher than 7 GB and leave 8 GB or so free. Is that intentional? Seems between 8GB VRAM and 16 GB RAM I should get more use.

i7 3770k -- running a clock of 3.7 vs the stock Turbo 3.9 (also running low voltage of 1.040v, but has tested as stable)
Asus GTX 1080 Turbo, 8 GB VRAM
4x4GB = 16 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600 Mhz
Gigabyte z77-d3h Motherboard
1 TB HDD (Blue, 7200 rpm), 100 GB SSD (using for OS and Paging File)
VIA HD Audio Driver Version: 10.0.18362.1

Settings/Fix Attempts so far (that I can remember):
Disabled Windows Fullscreen optimization
Disabled Windows Search and SysMain (Superfetch) Services
Disabled Windows Game Mode (and any other visible parts of it)
Turned off Windows Defender Antivirus, Control Flow Guard, etc
Disabled unnecessary Startup programs (48 mb reserved on hardware)
Tinkered with Texture Filter Pool Size (set to low/high/off/custom 5000 limit)
All Game Settings are low for CPU use (view distance, foliage, effects, shadows), high/very high for GPU use (textures, etc.). Can go into this in more detail but started here and seemed framerates were high so I didn't bother too much.
Disabled HPET
Hyperthreading is on
Ram running at stock 1600 Mhz
Disabled internal graphics.
Ran DDU and re-installed Nvidia Driver 442.59 (Warzone Game Ready)
No major background programs/MSI etc. that I can see are running.
Empty Standby RAM cache (both before and during game, gets up to 3-8 GB but will stay empty once in a match and emptied)
Game Settings forced by Nvidia Control panel (enabled multi-threaded optimization)
Steam launch -USEALLAVAILABLECORES (still Normal Priority)
Texture Streaming pool -- set to 5/6000 after trying the game option settings available, still nothing (have not gone into config files otherwise).
Windows Power mode settings -- Balanced, 5% min 99% max
Pagefile: System managed on SSD (game installed on HDD)
Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic tool -- no result (but probably not memory issue based on other games using more RAM)

One strange thing sometimes seems to hit is a GPU usage bump -- goes from its usual 30-40 and hits 100 before going back to 0 and leveling out. Sometimes in line with the stutters at least. Package TDP looks around 30-35, have not spent too much time on understanding my PSU, as that seems to be a place I don't really know where to start. Mainly asking the RAM question first as that is definitely specific to this game, and it seems that more should be utilized. Not seeing noticeable issues in other games, currently playing Warzone and WWZ a fair amount.

Update on this -- Moved Game to SSD, still no improvement. RAM is maxing at 7.5 GB in use. Anyone else getting more?