New Cawdor Gang- New Player

Im a new/old player- played the original 10+ years ago when every house was basically the same outside of skil trees. In any case I jumped at Cawdor because i thought all the houses had been playtested because I love their aesthetic. It wasnt until I started reading more that I realized they dont have a lot of workable advantages to them. I had asked a veteran modeller for help setting up my models and painting and I was a little choked about my decision.

Then he sent over the gifs of what they look like...

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![alt text](![0_1586097245543_c7a93749-3e58-4573-8f72-fec5ef76c720-image.png](Uploading 100%) image url)

I dont think Ive ever been so stoked to play a tabletop game- lol! These guys have so much character and attitude. Im already coming up with names and backstories- lol! The throwaway narrative piece (pseudo rpg) is one of my favorite elements of Necromunda and Ive never seen models with this much character (irl anyways). Needless to say im pretty stoked- thought Id share them here. Let me know what you think of the models and any tips for fielding them!!

Some of my name ideas and gang theme-

I love the scrollwork he added and feel it suits cawdor like crazy as well as matches some of their robe coloring. I thought theyd be a sect that are the keepers of holy texts from the emperor- specifically the emperors version of the book of revelations or endtimes prophecy. Names around end times and the 4 horsemen.

Leader- Bishop Ocalpyse- Has the sacred text with the date that the universe ends on it. Standard berarer model. He prays only for a worthy death before the universe is consumed in judgment. A gibbering loudomouth even by Cawdor standards even his own disciples have a hard time deciphering what is prophecy and what is just brain damage. Leads by example throwing himself into battle whenever hes in charging distance.

Armored Geddon- Heavy crossbow guy- Armor is his faith- has the text that sais how the universe willend- in fire- so he lives each day knowing everything will end in flames and has nom issue kickstarting the process with his Crossbow- Joan's Arc.

Hollow Cause- Second champion- a mute by choice- took out his own tongue. The ying to Ocalypses Yang. He trudges forward with an eery calm knowing full well that all is hopeless- compelled by some inner voice rather than a zealous fervor. He has all the brothers trust- perhaps even more than the Bishop. he never leaves a ganger behind- and should have been dead many times over in rescue attempts.

Katie Klysm- Holsetered gun model- is a rare woman in a cawdor group- albeit a tomboy and nun of scathing renoun. More fierce than half the male fighters in the gang.

Kayda's Trophy- it came to him in a vision that he was the bastard son of one of the Emperors chosen cardinals illegimtiate sons born light years away as punishment for some unseen crime. He is a rare joyous voice in the brotherhood celebrating evry day he is alive to serve his fathers memory and make him proud. He wields the revered blunder-pole.

Brother Affliction- an especially savage brother- he lives for melee and hand to hand combat. He is also the unoifficial "questioner" of the gang. He seems to revel in inflicting pain- even his own and is known to practice on himself- known to self-flagellate with the wicked maul he carries. Hes also a biter.

Brother Wrath- one of the more simple minded devoutees- he is pre-disposed to following orders. Although he doesnt appear to have a specifically sadistic nature he seems to have no morale quandary inflicting pain on others when directed to do so. A soldiers soldier who found his home in a cult of Armageddon worshippers. Unmatchable in the field with his pole-autogun.

Gnyles and The Haitian- two seemingly unspectaccular Cawdor servitors they joined Ocalypses retinue for the fear it inspires in their comrades- a reputation they seem to enjoy. Although untested and unproven they come with fierce reputiations as the fiercest gangers in their old crews making their colors on the front lines in the thick of the fray. Gnyles seems to be the talker of the two notably asking The Haitian rhetorical questions right before the sump hits the ventillator- the replies varying in nature form enthusiastic grunt to reserved grunt. Although not a mute- other members do question if he speaka de aenglish.

Stillenz and The Pest- The Pest is a big simple minded Mutate. He doesnt seem to be aware of his own prowess as he fears the torments and rebukes of his brethren. Shamelessly mocked and beaten when he lurks around looking for crumbs and leftovers- The Pest doesnt seem to have a cruel bone in his body. Unfortunately for him he came from the same backroad Sumptown as Stillenz who derides his foater mutate mercilessly and thereby bends him to his will. The thing that keeps The Pest going is Stillenz ultimate lie that someday they will put down their weapons and find a more peaceful way to make their living. Stillenz wounded ego loves the respect he sees in the eyes of his brethren as he mounts the formidable brute and can be quite sadistic when he wants to be.

Snot and Sh*t Smear- two juves- only given a name if they survive to advance.

Hello Fighting_emu, I am lop35 and first of all, I make it clear that I am Catalan (Spain) and as such, I speak Spanish and Catalan, so it is possible that you find some fault that has not been translated well in the translator.

Having said that, I want to tell you that the miniatures that your modeling friend has made are very spectacular and beautiful. The only problem that I have seen is the huge crossbow that suggests with one hand "Armored Geddon", since it is a bit unreal and the weapon does not have any invented and approved attribute profile. I have played the old Necromunda, and I don't know much about the new one, but I think the old one was better, or at least I like it more. I also tell you that these characters you have created are more like the "Redemptionists", a sister band to the "Cawdor", but more beast and fanatic. This band, in case you did not know it, came with the extension "Banished" of "Necromunda", where four bands of renegades were added:

  • The "Rat Skins"
  • The "Redemptionists"
  • The "Scavengers"
  • The "Cusp Predators"
    These gangs are not like the normal ones, since they are banished due to the "Merchants' Guild". These gangs are played in a slightly different way than normal gangs, especially in the collection of territories and the purchase of weapons.

Having said that, I say goodbye, I hope that the video game "Necromunda" will be released soon to prove it, and I also hope that the translator has not committed many mistakes. Thank you