New Insurgency Game: Eastern Europe front

An idea thread for a new Insurgency, one that builds on the success of Sandstorm, but isn't shy about new features. Theme-wise, an Eastern European front would be a cool new chapter. No specific countries would be listed, of course; rather, a Baltic and Black Sea feel could be exciting for the franchise. Feel free to share wants, desires, weapons, customizations, and other aspects that you'd like to see.

I do not think that it is really useful to release a new opus of insurgency ... But to have updates of the game, yes. With a campaign for example that remains replayable a bit like that of medal of honor 2010 or warfighter. (RIP rabbit) :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

That's fair. Could an update support new features though, such as destructable buildings (because why not) or new weapon classes (machine pistols anyone)?

I new theme would be cool, if it comes with new content / features. I'd hate for an update to just be a cosmetic brush-over.

Haa yes yes yes I understand, apparently the gameplay will no longer change according to official information from the developers, the question therefore: The plugin for destructible objects (which can be found in is it an integral part of the gameplay stake ?
I'm afraid it is yes.
But hey they will add in any case the update of the night maps with many features: night vision, tactical torch etc...
Apparently new "stealth weapons" and an overhaul of the AI. In addition to that there will be cosmetics that will allow a monetary gain over a longer period of time and thus perhaps updates long awaited by the community.
Finally, I think that it is only a question of trust that we grant or not to developers, we will be a little after this summer.
(history to see if the players support by buying cosmetics, or the number of sales increased by the new updates, etc)
Me personally, I am ready to buy some skins to support, and thank the developers for their free updates.


What do you think about a new geographic theme? Something like the Baltics or Eastern Ukraine? Of course no real countries would be explicitly mentioned 🙂

Why not have more cold weather maps with snow fall. Not to mention different Russian military hardware: AK-12, AS-VAL, PP-2000, so on and so forth.

Oh yes environments and topography resemble those of Ukraine, simulating in a way the fights between Russian Pro and Ukrainian. (more precisely for the connection of Crimea to Russian) that will add a modern historical context to the game.
As far as weapons are concerned, I am personally attracted by totally modular weaponry ( hk416 / 417, LVOA,) but also heavier calibers benelli m4, m870 mcs.
But effectivlly it would by very nice to have pp2000 / Steyr AUG / la rue obr / AK103 bullpup / mc millan cs5 or m300/ ak5c/ tac50...
Moreover, many of the weapons mentioned just now are used by many units / countries today.

After some weapons are similar to others already existing in play and that is why they will not develop I think. But why not, it will add diversity. Especially for a game like this. 🙂