So most if not all car guys know by now that back around 2011, 9 years ago now, that Ford built their last Crown Victoria. In hindsight was this a smart move?

In regards of selling to the general public, yes. America has moved more into SUV's and cross over vehicles, unless your Toyota or Honda your going to have a hard time selling a sedan in America.

However the Crown Victoria was unique in it was THE police car of choice. Police forces all over the USA and Canada mainly used the Crown Vic, either the Vic or occasionally a SUV of some kind was all you ever seen cops drive. Even now I see Police utilize Crown Vic's in their fleet.

Considering this, even if they had to reduce production and focus mainly on selling to the specialty market, should Ford of kept the Crown Victoria around?

Police, taxi's, they all loved the Crown Vic. It's practically the only thing any of them drove. I find it kinda hard to believe Ford wasn't making a profit on that car. Even if the general market didn't want it, the specialty market sure as heck loved it.

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