The key to utilizing leaderboards in order to bolster competitive matchmaking

Currently there is a website Competitive leaderboard that unfortunately does not offer much in terms of supporting the game or players. Part of the issue is that it is not visible (it's not in the game) and secondly, the risk/reward ratio falls off once you are satisfied with your ranking - why play anymore and risk losing your "spot?"

Instead of a leaderboard where you win games and go up, or lose games and go down - it should be a screen that shows a player's top 10 best games. In order to be considered a "best game" it would have to be a win and then would go off of kills. I know that this is mostly an objective/team based game - but for Competitive - this would drive players to work together since they would still need to win rounds/matches - but also make them play with a higher level of risk. You can't win without holding the objectives - so going off of kills (towards rank placement) would make it more exciting. A decent compromise, instead of kills, would just be that specific players highest scores from each of their best 10 matches would be what their ranking is based off of.

This type of leaderboard was in the game H1Z1: King of the Kill which was grinded on Twitch by hundreds of thousands of players and is where Tfue, Ninja, Summit, Dr. Disrespect, CDNthe3rd, and many other big streamers got their start. It's great because if you lose a game - you don't lose any position on the leaderboard - but if you win (and win big with high kills) you go up on the leaderboard. This would drive people to grind the game rather than get enough wins to be high up and then stop playing because it's more risk than reward for them to take a lose and go down in position.

Here is a screencap of the leaderboard that I am referring to: ("WashedPlayer" is Ninja btw.)

Also, and this is a big one - Competitive matchmaking should be solo queue only. The playerbase is too small to allow higher skill players to group together and smash newer/less experienced players. All players should assume the risk of Q'ing by themselves and having to use teamwork and communicate with whichever teams they end up on. You can re-evaluate this and add in group play once the player base expands enough to support it. Right now 5-stacks ruin matches and even if it's a 3-4 stack of players - they use Discord instead of the in-game comms which ruins it for the other players on the team who are not apart of the stacked players.

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I never experienced the leader board suggestion, so i don't have an educated thought/comment on it. But I fully support asingle que for comp or at most duel que. Duel que would enable friends to still play together and/or for you to teach someone new to comp Firefight. but still make it for you to play with randoms like a PUG. And an experienced player could help them out in communications.

I really like the idea of this, maybe some implementation with the in game stat tracking functionality?

Stats displayed would be great.