After atleast 30h's of playing I've discovered something. (Ps4)

Ive completed almost every challenge, getting three stars on quite a few, I've completed every mission including the dlc's, and I've been replaying all of them to get 4 red stars and I've just discovered how to move the camera closer and farther away by pushing up or down on left stick.
Im not joking.

Ive been going in and out of first-person to resest the distance on my camera this whole time, I had thought it some what randomly would zoom in over time maybe so I could see the road a bit better or just because its a cool camera angle, and I'd reset it by swapping perspective. Only now did I accidentally just push forward and saw the camera zoom, then away to pull back. This is a game changer.

I took a significant break inbetween completing the main game and the dlcs releasing, so maybe I knew this before and forgot, but I swear I had no idea, hence why I just paused my Downhill run to post this.

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I took me a while to realize that too