The best thing about mudrunner for me was the "Jeep challenge". Any way to get a similar experience with mods?

I'm referring to the challenge where you must get a small jeep-like vehicle from A to B. None of the other challenges were as much fun. I've played many hours of this game, but I still wish there were more of those. I know I can replicate the experience by free driving wherever I want in as many maps as I can find in the steam workshop, but it's not the same. The course in that original challenge was very well done. Any way I can scratch that itch? I felt motivated for writing this after watching the trailer for Overpass, (a game which I'm not so sure about, tbh).

@livinkingstons BeamNG has some good offroading scenarios / challenges and many others, and with proper physics as well.

Look for trailing maps 🙂

@omnihil only bad part is most "good" trail maps do not include logging. wish some of these mod map makers would realize this. too often i have wanted to play a map, but then to find out the author decided not to add logging which ends up being a big turn off for me.