I had a few ideas for some changes and modifications and new hints for BFGII:
Some of my ideas for modifications:
Stationary Structures take half damage from plasma storms and only suffer one fire aboard from solar eruptions.

If a ship suffers heavy critical damage on all weapons and systems, it becomes crippled. (Crippled: Due to heavy critical damage on all systems, the ship takes double the damage from critical hits.)

Retreating from the map's edge will mean disengagement at -10% warp risk unless the generator was destroyed (not damaged).

You can no longer spend battleplans to delay or cancel assaults or invasions targeting a system you don't own.

Titans start out detected but cannot enter stealth and become identified the moment they fire their first shot or launch their first squadron or fire their first torpedo volley.

Completing secondary bonus objectives earns you a small flat bonus to renown (not increased by renown percentage boosts), based on the objective:
Assassination: 40
Breakthrough: 40
Siege: 20 per destroyed platform, up to 40
Data Recovery: 45
Escort: 15 per escaped transport, up to 45
Take No prisoner: 25 per targeted ship turned drifting hulk, up to 50.

Micro-Warp Jump is instantaneous if used within the own ship's scanning range. It still requires 15 seconds activation time when used within another ship's scanning range outside your own.

New hints:
Weapons that penetrate shields, such as bombers, torpedoes, necron gauss particle whips, and tyranid bio-plasma are no less capable of inflicting critical damage.

Escort ships, defense platforms, and imperial navy carrier-battleships can mark enemy ships with the scanner ability. Marked ships are identified and unable to enter stealth for a duration.

You can spend battle plans to reduce the urgency gauge, potentially lowering overall threat.

New Battle Info: Regarding the Phalax
The mighty Fortress-Monastery Phalanx has been deployed in the system. It will disengage after taking enough damage, a process you cannot interrupt.