I'm quite happy with the new update, so far. I wish there was a way to change the lightning in the menu, but other that that it's pretty good!

Here are the issues that I have to report, with screenshot evidence. Specifically, wool gloves seem to go over the new leather jacket. The other one is that, with the new Flashbang effects, the overlay does not override Scope reticles.

I posted the images here, along with their context.

The only other issue I've to point out, is that on the final point especially, Power Plant checkpoint for Security is significantly more difficult than even Checkpoint Insurgents. The difficulty comes from the sheer amount of targets to shoot down, and the number of entrances they can come in from. Turning a corner and other bullsh** was always in Sandstorm, but your mettle is really put to the test with the sheer brute force in the last point especially.

If the images don't pop up or anything, here's a direct link: https://imgur.com/a/adgV5jP