Tavor-7 Modeling Change for Notice

I think this comes across as a very minor needed change, but I find an error in the Tavor-7's modeling for the foregrip.
As you can see, its handguard is a rail-cover used for underbarrel options, most notably the common attached vertical/foregrip.

But this strange rail attachment put at the bottom of the in-game model when equipping the foregrip on the Tavor-7 just looks extremely wrong.
Screenshot (63).png
I'm not sure if this exists in real life, but even if it did, I feel like it would be a pointless addition for models, since the Tavor's handguard is clearly a rail cover for usage of a foregrip or bipod, and that can be a remodeled part of the Tavor as well.

No pressure, but any chance this can be looked at?

Thanks for the great work, NWI. Wish you well in the future.

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they also have the alpha AK firing 7.62 LOL when the magazine on the 3d model is clearly a 5.45 mag

the ak drum doesnt hold 75

the extended akm mag holds 35 instead of 40

the extended ak74 mag holds 35 instead of 45


@Lenol03 Yeah, what I pointed out is just scratching the surface. I believe there's another post that actually highlights all of the fallacious attributes of the guns in the game, but I'm too lazy to find it currently.


Got to give them some credit though. The attention to detail with the weapons is amazing.