Camo pattern resolution decrease with update 1.6

Looks like update 1.6 drastically reduced the resolution of most of the camo patterns

The ones that have been reduced to 512x512:

  • M81 Woodland
  • Woodland Smear
  • DCU
  • DBDU
  • Digital Forest
  • Digital Flora
  • Desert DPM
  • Desert Rocks
  • AOR-2
  • Tropentarn
  • M90F
    • Cropat is 256x256 (??)

Here's an example of the texture decrease with Tropentarn
alt text

An example of what it looks like in-game
alt text

I just want to know why? Even ins2014 had better character camo textures

None of these changes improved my fps atleast for me personally, There should at least be an option to download HD textures (or better) for those with good PCs willing to sacrifice some fps for visual fidelity. The game does not look like Unreal Engine anymore. The beta had way better visuals than what we have now. This is just another source engine game with better sounds and somewhat mediocre lighting effects.