@devs - my community wants the vehicles

please, devs, have mercy and add one line of code (or remove it) so that we can use the vehicles as before the update.
it was a crucial part of gameplay for my community (100+ players in total plus their respective friends) on my two server variants and has enjoyed a lot of random players as well.

Agreed. The game was also sold to us with vehicles.

@SmokingShark9 consider upvoting my post to make it count more in face of the devs usually not even responding

Dulling down the game for everyone in order to "fix" performance for some on inferior hardware is a bad move. If you are determined to support consoles then offer them a separate variant with platform-specific "optimizations" and leave PC gamers the fun that they signed up for. Mixing console players and PC gamers in the same Coop match was never a fair blend anyways.

The vehicles need to return to the game, they were an important part of the gameplay.
But another thing is, they have now denied me the opportunity to get the three vehicle achievements, which by the way, are still listed in the Steam achievements.

Agreed, give us the option to use vehicles or not. If I understand correctly, vehicles were removed to improve game performance. That's fair enough. But give us the choice to include them and live with slightly poorer performance. Pretty please, with sugar on top.....

Agreed, vehicle back + more if it can be done

I couldn't agree more Bahzooga, you know my community pretty well, and they all want the vehicles back... they should have made it a mutator so we could remove them at our discretion... 7 Public UA Servers and 1 Private Server

It's becoming a common theme, I feel, that they make broad sweeping changes in the hard code that should be variables for us to configure.

I'm a bit frustrated that they took out the trucks, and they STILL haven't managed to give us a variable or mutator that will allow us to remove smoke!

#bringbackthetrucks, #nosmoke

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im finding it harder to differentiate between ins2 and sandstorm lately with the recent patch dumbed down gfx and removal of all vehicles


SO THATS SINGLEPLAYER, CAMPAIGN CRAPPY GFX AND ALL VEHICLES REMOVED, all you needed to do was add extra voices to ins2 which is just about summing up sandstorm the further you "fix" this game

Bring back the use of vehicles, these added another element to the game in terms of tactics and gameplay!
First the campaign was dropped making this an online multiplayer game only which was a massive shame, now another element of the game has been removed- why the step backwards, I cannot say I had ever noticed a notable drop in performance due to vehicle use???
Devs - how about some feedback? 😞

fyi... There's a developer livestream this Wednesday. Perhaps some of you folks who want the vehicles back should submit your questions and concerns to Mikee (he will be there too). It would be a good time to show your solidarity on the matter and request that they be brought back and/or ask if they have plans to.


@Kean_1 as things are I have just seen this now; maybe the devs should better react to their community writing important stuff up than on a few people hopping on every twitch they can find w/o having too much experience overall.
I won´t declassify all twitch addicts, I´m only saying that I have been playing this game as of its official launch and I am now rank 1400 so I know what I am talking about and I do not need no "live stream" of useless new cosmetics and weapon tweaks nobody asked for in the fist place ...


As to the whole experience argument, Twitch addicts, etc., I've got nothing for you. I hate Twitch and the only reason I even go there is for events like this once or twice a month to find out more news from developers on their game(s). ....and also if I have a question I want answered by a live person.

I just posted that news because I thought it would be helpful to try and get your voice heard. Obviously, there is very little interaction here on the Focus forums. In fact, the Steam forums are where they pulled all of their questions from for their Q&A as well as the Twitch chat.

......but yeah, do whatever works for you. I was just trying to help.

@DaraDef I hope threads like these will be considered like being part of the poll on the steam community... (bounce)

@bahzooga Of course. I'll add it to my sentiment report. Thank you guys for taking your time to gather feedback about vehicles from elsewhere too. You're helping make my job a bit easier!