Just some ideas about the game

I like this game. I played SpinTires originally and just had to buy MudRuner as well.

If they can iron out the bugs, and introduce more terrains (snow, ice, rain/water, SAND, etc) map-zones such as Deserts, Beaches, Rainforest, Antarctica? Canadian/Alaskan Wilderness (snow, water, mud, and Ice all rolled into one map), etc, and more vehicles such as four-wheelers, ATV, tanks, and many other vehicle types then they will be on the right track and can make a lot more money on DLC.

Introducing 4-man multiplayer with public matchmaking would be an excellent idea as well, letting solo players play with others and teaming up to "complete the mission" whatever that may be. MiniGames/Challenges such as racing, capture the flag, and such would be awesome as well.

As I said, this game has a lot of potentials and could make some pretty good money on maps, vehicle mods (performance mods, capability mods, and cosmetic mods), the vehicles themselves, and more.

The technical aspect and extremely realistic off-road capability is something that I cant find in any other game and its absolutely awesome! I wish to see this go further, then it is as the only other alternative is BeamNG.drive and its more of a realistic physics damage SIM, not exclusive to offroad.


I hope some of my ideas can be put to good use!

@Gohan472 MR is a dead project. Check out its sequel SnowRunner, right on this forum. No racing in either game. Most of us wouldn't want it. Mods are free.

I don't know what's up with the online community lately, but it seems like every game I join now ends with the host leaving session.

This used to happen sometimes before but lately it's like nobody wants to finish a game, everybody just ends up quitting.

Like what the heck?

racing and capture the flag? this is neither forza or halo mate

@justinlynch3 It's another reason I don't play MP in this game. But since you're on console, I can understand why you play MP since there's not much else to do in the game without mods.

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