Sandstorm Android Rcon app. Major update.


I've rolled out a major update today that fixed a bug where some people could not add a server to the app. If you have tried the app before and had this problem, please try again. If you haven't tried the app then why not give it a try?

The app is free with no in-app purchases or ads.

hey Tokai!
can´t wait for you to integrate the new map "Powerplant" ... 😉

Yes. These things take time. You have to take into consideration that this is a free app. I am a sole developer. I have other projects.

One important fact to remember is that I can't play the game anymore because of the terrible stuttering - that NWI don't have the brains to fix. So my impetus is lacking now.

@TokaiTele nwi did a lot of optimization and it´s notable. performance is getting better ...
have you thought of having your app reading out the mapcycle.txt instead of hardcoding the maps?
This would be particularly an advantage in the light of the oncoming number of custom maps in the future I would think.

I've upvoted your comment even though you start with an incorrect statement (at least, from my perspective). 🙂

Your suggestion of reading/parsing the available maps is a good one. I shall put that on my TODO list.

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@bahzooga Powerplant added.

Also added Domination and Hardcore mutator. The app should auto-update when it goes live.

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@TokaiTele wow, man, you are amazing! thank you so much!

You're welcome. I aim to please 🙂

I've released a small bugfix today that should address some crashes that occurred when you clicked on ChangeMap or Console from the main servers page.

If you would like to join my developer discord channel for future updates then please join us: