Vampyr loot HUD bug


I have the latest Switch version 0.4, downloaded from the eshop. Many times after about an hour of gameplay, suddenly the info popups on the left, which inform on what you just looted, just don't appear anymore. I tried to disable/enable the whole hud, enter/exit large buildings but it didn't work. Only by closing and restarting the whole game I managed to solve this. This is extremely annoying since unsaved progress is lost.

Is there any better solution to solve this, or do I have to wait for a patch?

Thank you

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Today this bug happened 3 times in one hour, in the same mission. The game is unplayable like this.

I am having this same issue! The only way I've been able to "fix" it is to exit the game and get back in. I'm worried the things I'm looting aren't actually being picked up.

I’m pretty annoyed that this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. It’s plaguing my entire playthrough on switch.