damaging/killing teammates

I'd like a more punishing system for damaging and/or killing teammates in PvE atleast. I mostly play hardcore and 9 out of 10 times I'm killed by teammates. most if not all of it is accidental, sure, I have my ''oh sh*t, gotta empty a mag in this moving thing that just breached into a room'' moments too but overall I have a pretty good awareness of where my teammates are at. I often wait for my team to move forward before me because I KNOW certain situations will get me killed by teammates.

And again, I know most of it is accidental but putting a more severe punishing system in place may help some players be more wary of where their teammates are at, otherwise they'd have to wait out... say, 2 objectives before he/she can respawn. I don't know what but it should be something that makes you really not want to hit teammates

forgive / not forgive system would help. 2 objectives wait seems a bit much, its a deal breaker for those who have limited time on their hands, but lets say a 30 sec respawn delay or similar that you can chose to give as punishment or not (sometimes a TK is the fault of some jackass not thinking)

Team killing should be removed and all friendly fire damage should be only done to whoever caused it. People will be more careful about friendly fire if they directly get punished for it, punishing innocent players with friendly fire damage/death for someone else's mistakes is unfair.

Remove team killing because trolls abuse it and if you accidentally team kill sometimes a player will start to vote kick you even if it happened once and was accidental.

I like having teamkilling as a feature because it adds tension. Most people I meet online are rather friendly even if u teamkill them by accident, if u say sorry quickly after.

@tangosucka At that point, it would be better to disable friendly fire altogether...

Most of FF is accidental... It happens. I rarely get wounded or killed because of teammates, because I watch my fire and where I put myself. 90% of the time, I get TK because of a teammate's reflex shot when passing a door/corner. These things happen.

I doubt OP really is careful about what he's doing. I'm careful and rarely get shot (I have 300h of mostly coop gameplay). Either he's not as careful as he pretends to be, or he plays on servers with people that are disrespectful. Maybe a country/cultural issue ?...