the new map is terrible

the map is tiny and the graphics are terrible

hopefully the textures will be much better in the final version

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I did end up enjoying the map but the textures are horrible.

It´s the first time in any of your Forum posts that you write that you enjoy something in Insurgency:Sandstorm. HALLLELUYAAHH !

But wait you criticised the textures .... yes, thats my good old Grave. Thats the way we know you !
Always negative thinking, criticizing and flooding the forum with trolling posts.

You really have to find something joyfull in your life !

I totally disagree to your opinion.
I like the setting, i like the design of the map, i like the colors and i like the textures.
It´s a new map and i hope that NWI will design a lot more maps for us in the coming months and years.
Hopefully some talented community members ( who are map builders and modders ) will bring some new maps when the modding toolkit is published.
Any new map is welcome !