Going to Extreme mode. Need tips on how to build and level my character.

Just finished the game on normal and I loved it. Though I’m itching to have another play through even though I’m not the type of person liteblue to do so. But I got 75% of the trophies on PS4 and I usually go for platinum on games I really enjoy or know I have the ability to go for, for some reason this game is one of them.

Anyways I just want to get that platinum trophy but the only thing that concerns me is how long it’ll take me with extreme mode. I know it’s gonna take a while to get used to the difficulty and may require a lot of farming and saving, dying, and loading. But I want to know what the best class to use as well as which weapons, traps, or skills to level up to make it a bit easier.

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@weksleini I finished Greedfall on Extreme Difficulty with a mage De Sardet. But I took the first two skill points and invested them in one handed blades.
I've heard that you can level magic in a way to make you really powerful, but I only use it for the stasis.
As for attributes I went with Agility and Endurance. I mainly used weapons and armor I found and just upgraded them.
I made sure that my De Sardet was able to wear the unique armor that you get from quests or from chests.
I think that if you are used to playing the game, Extreme difficulty isn't hard. In the beginning, especially Serene and beginnings of New Serene it might be a bit more challenging. But, for instance, the boss in Serene is really easy defeated with using the most damaging blade as well as stasis. Back when I did it I took barely any damage.

A very important thing is to upgrade your companions as well. For instance Siora is good for healing, give her good armour and a good weapon and she's able to keep you alive quite well.

I have a pretty good combo with stasis and the furious attack with the one handed blade. Adding up to that I made sure I was always wearing good armor alongside with a pack of health potions.

And in the end, it's really just practice. At some point you'll have a good combo going.