I believe many players of upcoming Snowrunner have many questions about its modding.
So am I, while being Xbox player, have following questions, and hope to get at least some answers and assumptions from modding community and devs:

  1. devs said that they already started to communicate with modders. Is it true? How is it going?

  2. this new platform, - how do you think it will work with sr, can you port your existing mr mods to sr with it, do you have experience with it?

  3. do you plan to port your mods to consoles? (devs said sr WILL support mods for cons)
    will it require to lower standards?

  4. the best modders do it not for free. Devs said mods will be free (from their side i think) and they will praise somehow best modders...So how it will be?

  5. Most of new mods in this community are scouts and maps. Does it mean heavier vehicles are done by another (russian?) modders, who are not here? or these vehicles were done once and doesn’t demand updates and improvements...sorry for low awareness in these matters

  6. is there any “hardcore” mods for mr? making dirt harder, mills more demanding, adding some gameplay techniques like before using fuel station you must supply it with full fuel (semi) trailer from main base, garage - with additional garage trailer (for personnel), need for vehicles maintenance, forbidding fast travel, restricted winch usage (only front or/and rear, depending from rl vehicle complectations, or not at all like on zil 130), removing magic all 6x6 wheels diff locks and so on?
    will it be possible to port or create such for sr?

  7. vehicles names (inlicensed) - how fast such mode could be created after release?
    in mr there were a problem - you change vehicles name in garage lineup, but all spawned on map are default.
    How it would be, taking into consideration new campaign mode, there most or all vehicles will be bought by player?..

thank you very much in advance! im eager to join modding community, i enjoyed mods in jagged alliance 2 on pc and skyrim on xbox, i hope mr/sr, being my only love for several years by now, will bring awesome mods experience too!
with big respects to your hard job!!!

i believe this discussion will be interesting and meaningful for all, for pc and console users, for modders and mod users, even devs)

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Sad none of this ever got a response, he put a lot of work into writing this, the least you devs could do is acknowledge some of his questions. I still haven't found any information on if we are going to be able to convert mudrunner mods over to snowrunner. I have years worth of work into spintires and mudrunner mods and would like some more info and maybe a guide on it.

Edit: Oh.. forgot to add.. LET US PULL TRUCKS IN NEUTRAL WITHOUT STARTING THEM. The options like it had in Mudrunner. I have no idea how you thought it was a good idea to force the vehicle to start and move when you attach it to another vehicle. It causes so many unavoidable problems. Give us back the control!

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