still the same issues here. seems like you never even thought about the various simple suggestions that have been made (and not only by me) ever since the game was launched.
lately, the browser has become even worse in terms of reaction time and servers found.
so, i dare to repeat myself here: just integrate the valve own server browser if you do not want to adapt your old version from insurgency.
and let me repeat myself also on the other major point. if you do run your own browser, it should also include the following filters:

  • insurgents / security / both (radio button)
  • specific map(s) (point and click one or multiple with click toggle from a list of all available maps)
  • include ongoing matches yes / no (radio button)

A pool of players that do not want to join ongoing matches is created to the players´ specification of minimum team size; i.e. if the player sets his preference to join_new_min_players=5, he will be put into a group of new players willing to start a round at this given number; not before and not after.
moreover, you should be able to create a "negative" list; a sort of feature that would allow the user to avoid games with specific players.