Hello, Spiders!

First of all - I am your huge fan and played your games from Legends of Avalon. And thank you for your games!

But in Greedfall I have this strange font problem - and not only me, as I may say from reviews. I played all your games on consoles - but only in GreedFall I can't read a thing. My eyes are literally in pain. Yes, you changed subtitles font size - but now I may listen for NPC and read subtitles, sitting on a coach and... Should literally walk to my TV to read what answers my protagonist can give. It's a good warm-up - but hey. Subtitles size is now ok - but codex, dialogues and other text - not ok.

My question is simple. Will you fix this in an upcoming patch? I really love your games and don't want them to be a headache. So I will patiently wait for this - if it is on your todo list. But if you won't change the interface font size... Okay, I will endure this pain for your games. But I hope that you will fix this problem in the next patch.