Just started the game a few hours ago and seems cool.

Characters seem interesting and main story is yet to start. liteblue I’m still in the beginning before you depart the city.

Combat-wise, the movement is very clunky, but for some reason has me somewhat captivated. I’m playing on Extreme difficulty as a magic user. Magic seems viable so far, but again, it’s pretty clunky. I can only imagine how bad it gets with a warrior build.
So far the combat isn’t difficult(obviously just the beginning).
What I do like about the combat-more precisely magic use-is the stasis ability. It looks fuckin awesome when you freeze someone mid-animation.

Regarding attributes and talents, it’s pretty straightforward; I haven’t overlooked much of them, so I can’t say.

I’m going for a pure magic build(fast magic regen and heavy magic damage) don’t know how viable that will be, but like I said before, this is the beginning and I can only experiment.

Now to the Questions:

1.) Does the story get better? In other words, worth it for the story only?

2.) I’m a souls veteran so I like challenges in my games. So can I expect a lot more challenge later in the game?

Small questions, but be in-depth if possible.

In conjunction to the answers, I’d like to hear any new player thoughts on the game.

Thanks in advance.

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