[SOLVED]How to host a community Hardcore COOP server with more than 8 players ?

Hello Community !

I'm trying to host a community COOP Hardcore server with more than 8 players but without great success 😞

I'm able to set 10 or more player slots but player kits are limited to 8 players ..

Do you guys know if its possible to remove this limitation and be able to have more than 1 player per kit ? Or at least have more rifleman kit ?

Thanks in advance for your help folks !

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@Aezox the only way you can do it, AFAIK, is by using the standard checkpoint scenario and adding the mutator hardcore. You will get slow movement and long cap times but the number of slots per class is not affected; hence you get additional slots for e.g. demolitions and unlimited riflemen.

@bahzooga Thanks for the tip ! Actually it's working ! Many thanks

Hello @bahzooga new question : do you know how not to spawn with bolt sniper but with kit ?

@Aezox I presume you refer to hardcore as the game mode and not the mutator, it will be