I'm pretty depressed right now. I've had so much fun with this game and put around 40 hours into it, but now it seems that i can't beat it because of one stupid glitch.

During the Trouble in Eden mission for Theleme you're supposed to talk to four characters. Things seemed to be going fine, then I failed an intuition check and couldn't access one dialogue option. But I didn't think it would be a problem, so I kept going. Eventually I checked off every listed objective except "Learn the story of eden," which didn't show up on the map. It was annoying, but I thought maybe I'd be able to do it later on in the game, so I moved onto other things.

Fast forward 30 hours, I reach the end and need to recruit every faction for the final mission. I finished the faction missions for everyone except Theleme, so Theleme won't join in! This makes me very frustrated because I wanted a perfect ending after spending almost two full days of my life meticulously trying to complete everything I could, but eventually I wen through the phases of grief and realized I might have to settle for an imperfect ending and watch the true ending on youtube (Without my beloved De Sarde...)

At this point I had two missions left, Breaking the Links and Together for Teer Fradee. I finished Breaking the Links and all was left was Together for Teer Fradee... which I can't seem to beat without recruiting Theleme! I went to see En al mil frichtemen, I went to see the high king, I went to the caste to look for Constantin, I have no idea what to do! All I have on my quest list are Together for Teer Fradee and Trouble in Eden and I can't beat either.

Even if I wanted to revert back to before the Eden quest bugged out, I already saved over those files since they happened 30 hours ago. And even if I hadn't, I don't have the time or heart to redo more than a full day's worth of gaming. I was hoping that a patch might come and save the day, but it looks like this game isn't being updated anymore since there hasn't been a patch this year and there haven't been patch notes since October.

I loved this game so much, but now it ends with hopelessness. I'm very depressed...