The wall hacks of ai in co-op are far too strong

The wall hacks and ability for the ai to see you though walls (and either shoot the wall/the tiniest of cracks continuously until you die or Tom Brady a grenade/molli from 100m away right on your forehead through 3 windows and a broken roof) needs a major nerf. Also spawns, spawns in co-op are terrible sometimes (and this has been a thing since launch, just like the wall hacking ability of ai), so many time I respawn from team capping the obj only to immediately get one tapped by an ai sitting there or rushing the obj. My last one was spawn death from an ai Apachie that killed the entire team spawning in while we were all inside the building. There needs to be an immunity on spawn for coop, it's far too much of a cluster truck while spawning.

NWI promised to work on A.I. programming this year to optimize their tactics and abilities ( i believe 3rd or 4th quarter of 2020 , so we have to wait a little more for that )