Let's talk about what we would like added to the game as players?

Personally I've played this game a lot and love it very much. I love this game for several reasons,
-The community of players is there to do the same thing you are, WIN.
-The game is a break from the typical COD, with the same gameplay and feel. It's just different and relaxing.
-The customization is great and makes you feel more involved in the game

Now on this, I'd like to put my opinions out there (AGAIN, my opinions)

Since I love the customization so much, id like to see it easier to get credits in return. You play for an hour and only get 100 credits? they should make it easier imo.
I understand they'll add new content soon, but this is just my thoughts.

What is everyone thoughts?


Maybe they can add things like challenges that you get rewards from like get 50 pistol kills and get a purple beret or something. Or by the very least challenges that have either XP or the in game currency as rewards. With that being said maybe if they also added a variety in the launchers like incendiary rounds or maybe even flashbangs as opposed only to having them be throwables.

or to add on to that if you get a certain amount of kills with a weapon you can get a war torn version of that weapon

New greener maps, night maps and couple of new weapons would be nice 🙂
Also some kind of support comparable to gunship / minigun for insurgents.. Maybe like a tank that can be called in, that does the same job as helicopters?? 🙂

Hopefully they add a possibility to choose the right explosive type with a keyboard bind.
I find it extremely frustrating that Insurgency Sandstorm goes it´s own way when it comes to selection of explosives.
Pressing the same button 3 times to get the needed RPG is annoying and mostly leads to death.
Why not just make a rose similar to the command rose where you can choose the needed type of explosives with the mouse or just bind the keyboard to different types directly !?

And please make melee attacks more deadly ! Again NWI goes it´s own way in this game :
Bashed the Bots several times with my primary or secondary weapon = no kill ,
Attacked a bot several times with a knife = no kill

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