That clan of level 1000 guys now thinks they have every right to abuse the votekick system

There's a group of 6-12 players, all very high level, that play as a group.

They're starting to behave as if they own the servers. One of them got very upset at me for calling in a second helicopter, and had his entire group votekick me for "cheating/exploits" for doing so. Because I was kicked for "cheating", I got banned from the server for 2 hours. Because there weren't that many other people playing this game mode, there were no other servers. I had to stop playing in one of my short windows of free time, effectively banned from the game, because a group of players didn't like that I called in a helicopter.

And now they're straight up admitting it on Reddit:

"We told you several times not to call in that helicopter", "use your brain", etc. These guys are acting like they have every right to do this, that they're going to keep doing this because they can.

This same guy, OokerTheOrangutan, constantly does this every game, calls all the poor players "retards" and "scrubs" and tells them to "learn how to play the fucking game", that's not good for retaining new players. But being able to votekick someone because you think they're bad or holding the team back, because you're playing as a group and can basically run the server, over something as stupid as calling in another helicopter? Yeah that's definitely not going to help with the newbies.

I'm not saying we need to get rid of the votekick system, but can you maybe tell them to fuck off with that shit?

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They should play on their own private server if they are going to behave like that.

@moeburn even though their behavior might not be very friendly you might want to reconsider which role to take.
why would you think that a group of several high rank players was waiting for you to be the commander in the first place?
the bots will be way more agressive and overall harder if you have a commander/observer team and they might not want that....